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These beauty ideas may seem crazy but you will be happy to use them as they really work. You will learn how to make a sheet mask out of spring roll paper. Sounds crazy? No, we share an effective mask you can easily make. Mix warm chamomile tea with honey and soak spring roll paper in it. Apply the paper on your face. This mask has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect. You can save a lot of money and instead of visiting a beauty shop, make a sugaring paste at home. Supplies you will need sugar, honey and lemon juice. Stir and microwave for 5 minutes. Ready! If you are out of exfoliation mask, cut a lemon in half and cover with sugar to exfoliate your skin. Make a peel-off mask for your nose that will help to get rid of blackheads. In a bowl, mix honey, gelatin, and turmeric. Apply this mask using a cosmetic brush. Wait till it becomes dry and removes.
Don’t panic if you noticed some signs of hair loss. Try our mask to make your hair stronger: mix an egg, yogurt honey, and lemon juice. Make a natural peel-off mask for your lips that will make your lips pink. Mix warm beet juice with gelatin, stir and apply it on your lips. Let dry and remove. If your makeup removal came to end, make it by yourself from coconut oil. Clean your face with coconut oil and your skin will be smoother.
Coconut oil has a lot of surprising uses, for example, you can remove the bubble gum from hair. Also, we share surprising recipes that you should learn and use in everyday life. There is a cheap way to whiten your teeth using baking soda and coconut oil. Exfoliate your dry and cracked feet using the mix of coconut oil and sea salt.

00:13 Use thread to get rid of facial hair
00:49 Homemade recipe of sugaring paste
02:52 Peel-off mask for blackheads
05:41 Recipes with coconut oil
06:15 Coconut oil face wash

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